Hawaiian Islands in Danger of Being Hit By More Tropical Storms


The Hawaiian Islands may be one of the centers of climate change in the 21st century. As the world’s oceans are absorbing more and more heat, Hawaii is in for more storms and tropical cyclones. In the past 30 years the islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have been hit by hurricanes only twice.

Currently, Pacific storms that are relevant for the island group’s weather start far east, off the coast of Mexico, just like hurricanes begin in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Taking a path in a westerly direction, Pacific storms usually die out before getting to the Hawaiian Islands.


Researchers from the University of Hawaii have now found out that global warming and climate change are creating the new paths for tropical cyclones, which will bring them closer to the islands.

Researchers say that there will be fewer storms in the Pacific than in the past but they will be more forceful and probably do more damage. Due to changes in the jet stream and water movements in the Pacific about two to three times as many will reach Hawaii.

The team has also found out that the Hawaiian Islands will be experiencing less rainfall in future decades.




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  • absorb = take in
  • century = a hundred years
  • currently = now
  • cyclone = tropical storm
  • damage = destruction
  • decade = ten years
  • due to = because of …
  • experience = here: have
  • fewer = not as many
  • forceful = strong, powerful
  • is in for = here: will be hit by …
  • jet stream = strong winds that blow towards the east about 10-15 kilometers above the Earth’s surface
  • movement = current
  • path =  route
  • relevant = important for, influence
  • researcher = person who does work on a topic and wants to find out more about it