China's Yellow River is Dying


The Yellow River is the second longest river in China and the place where early Chinese civilization started. Famous for its  muddy soil  that it has extracted from central China, the Yellow River, today, is dying. The Chinese river used to flood the area regularly but because of the growing population and the fact that more water is needed, the Yellow River’s water level is falling. Pollution  of the river is increasing as well. Many Chinese are worried that the bad water quality of the Yellow River may cause health problems.






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  • authorities   = the people in an organization who have a lot of power
  • bank   = the side of the river
  • booming   = growing, becoming stronger
  • choke   = here: to fill a place completely
  • cradle   = here: beginning
  • draw   = take
  • enforce   = to make people follow a law
  • environmental   = about the world around us
  • exploitation   = if you try to get as many raw materials out of the earth as possible without caring about the environment
  • extract   = to take from
  • flood   = when a river covers the land around it with water
  • former self   = as it was a long time ago
  • impact   = result, effect
  • implement   = put into operation
  • improve   = make better
  • in place   = here: they are ready
  • law   = the rules of a country
  • line   = to form a row along the side of something
  • local   = a person who lives in the area
  • mud   = soft, wet earth
  • parched   = very dry, because there is not much water
  • pollution   = to make water or air dirty
  • priority   = main concern, something you should do first
  • properly   = correctly
  • scarce   = limited, not enough
  • shadow   = weaker, not as big as
  • soil   = the top layer of the earth, on which plants grow
  • supply   = give
  • water resources   = the water that a country has to supply its population
  • wind   = goes in curves
  • worsen   = to become worse