Samsung Starts Music Streaming Service MILK


Samsung, the world's leading producer of smartphones, has started a music  streaming service called Milk Music. At present, the service is only available for Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the USA. The service offers over 200 radio stations and a total of 13 million songs. The company does not want to bother their users with ads in the near future. In addition, users do not have to log in to use the service.


Although there are many other streaming services that can be used on any smart phone Samsung states that restricting Milk Music to its own devices will attract users who want a better service with more quality. Recently Apple launched iTunes Radio with a variety of over 300 different music tastes.

Milk can also download music tracks for offline use, in case you do not have any connection. You can also customize the service, so that it will offer the music or artists you want to listen to. At the moment Samsung does not let you buy the music, but this may be added in the future.



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  • available = can be used
  • bother = to do something that users do not want
  • customize = modify, change so that it looks or feels better for you
  • device = here: smart phone
  • in addition = also
  • restrict = limit
  • state = to say officially
  • streaming = when you can play a sound or video on your computer while it is still being broadcast over the Internet
  • variety = many different kinds of