Rolling Stones Play Historic Concert in Cuba


The Rolling Stones have given a historic concert in Cuba. It was the first time that the legendary rock group played on the island, where western music was seen as decadent and banned for many decades. Cuban authorities estimate that half a million people witnessed the concert at Sports City in Havanna.

Thousands of music lovers slept outside the arena in an attempt to be the first to get in. Fans came from all over Cuba, as well as from other countries. Nobody wanted to miss the historic event. People of all ages came to the show- teenagers as well as older generations who listened to Stones' music on pirate stations in the 1960s.

Lead singer Mick Jagger welcomed thousands of fans in Spanish and started the 2-hour gig with Jumpin' Jack Flash, a 1968 hit. After 18 songs Satisfaction ended the spectacular show.  Enthusiastic fans agree that it was the best concert that had ever taken place on the communist island.

The concert is another sign of Cuba's opening to the western world. It came only a few days after President Obama's historic visit to the island.



The event was an emotional one for the Rolling Stones as well. Mick Jagger, who spoke Spanish throughout the event, said that although the band had played at many locations all over the world, being in Havana was one of the most emotional moments.



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  • agree = to share the same opinion
  • although = while
  • attempt = try
  • authorities = government organisation that has power and controls certain things
  • ban = forbid
  • decade = ten years
  • decadent = immoral, bad
  • emotional = strong feelings
  • enthusiastic = person who is very happy about something
  • estimate = here: calculate how many people were there without counting them
  • gig = concert
  • legendary = very famous for a long time
  • opening = here: to let western ideas and influence into the island
  • pirate station = radio or TV station that broadcasts without permission from the government
  • sign = signal that something is changing
  • spectacular = very exciting to watch
  • throughout = the whole time
  • witness = here: to be at the concert