Gran Turismo 5 - Driving Simulation at its Best


Gran Turismo 5 is finally out. It’s what the  racing fans have been waiting for – the most popular racing game ever launched in its latest edition .

This new version of Sony’s Playstation 3 game took over 5 years to complete .  Many new cars have been added , a total of over a thousand, ranging   from a VW Camper to a bright red Ferrari.  All of them have been created with great detail   and precision . The game offers 26 different locations . You can feel the adventure of city  circuits in Rome, Madrid and London or drive on well-known  racing circuits   like the Nürburgring, Monza and Daytona.


Driving in Gran Turismo 5 is a real experience . It makes you feel as if you were really behind the wheel of a powerful car.

The game’s designers will not let you just jump behind the  steering wheel   of a car. In order to drive some cars you have to pass certain tests that show you the typical reactions of each car. After becoming better and better you can drive more powerful cars and drive on more difficult tracks. Sometimes the  license test  is so difficult that players who are not patient enough give up.

Cars react just the way you would expect them to in real life. They bounce and  shake at high  speeds . They become difficult to steer on  slippery   roads. You can  build temperature on the tires to give you more  grip on the  track . Gran Turismo 5 is the first game in the series to allow real  damage to its cars.  Apart from  racing against the computer you can  compete in online races for up to 16 players.


Some gamers , however, see   disadvantages in Gran Turismo 5. They say it can unlock its full power only with  skilled and  able   drivers. It’s just like real life. Those who are as talented as Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel will be able to drive faster and  achieve more.

Gran Turismo 5 is probably the best car racing simulation on the market. Many people, adults and   youngsters   alike, will enjoy it, but only few will be its   master .


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  • able   = clever, intelligent
  • achieve   = reach, do
  • add   = put in
  • adult   = a grown up person, not a child
  • apart from   = other than
  • bounce   = go up and down
  • build   = slowly  make something go higher
  • circuit   = a path or route that cars race around
  • compete   = race against
  • complete   = finish
  • damage   = harm, break, destroy
  • design   = make, create
  • detail   = the different features of something
  • disadvantage   = bad side of something
  • edition   = version
  • experience   = here: a lot of fun; something very special
  • gamer   = a person who likes to play computer games
  • grip   = to give more hold; to stop from slipping
  • launch   = to appear for the first time
  • license test   = you have to pass a test in order to get the permission to drive a car
  • location   = place to drive
  • master   = to be best at something
  • pass   = to succeed
  • patient   = to wait and practice a lot
  • precision   = very exact and carefully planned
  • racing   = when people drive against each other and see who is fastest
  • range from… to …   = to include many different types
  • shake   = vibrate
  • skilled   = talented
  • slippery   = difficult to keep on the track because it is wet
  • speed   = how fast something is
  • steering wheel   = wheel that you turn to control the direction of the car
  • track   = route, racing circuit
  • unlock   = undo, let loose
  • youngster   = child or a young person