The End of Harry Potter - But Pottermania Is Still Alive


With the  premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part II  the adventures of the boy wizard  and his friends come to an end. Since 1997 seven books and eight movies have captured  the attention of millions of youngsters and adults  around the world.

The story may have come to an end but Harry Potter and friends are still with us. Joanne Rowling, the author of the books, is shifting to the Internet.  Pottermore  is a new website in which Rowling wants to publish new material and give fans insights into the lives of the characters. Potter fans hope that Rowling might continue writing and come up with a character that is as likeable  as the boy wizard .


The fastest selling book series  of the past has broken all records. More than 400 million copies of Harry Potter have been sold in 67 languages around the world. When Rowling finished her first  manuscript  she hardly found a publisher who was interested. Since then she has earned about $1.5 billion . From 2001, when the first film was released , until the present, movie goers have paid a total of $6 billion at the box office .

The success of Harry Potter is a mixture  of many elements. The boy wizard  and his friends live in both a real and magical world. Rowling combines the real life of England with Hogwarts School of Witchcraft  and Wizardry. More than once they meet evil  characters and find ways to  defeat  them. For many youngsters Harry Potter is a boy they grew up with and a character they identified with.



In a world full of multimedia and the Internet getting youngsters to read is no small task . But Rowling has achieved nothing less. She hopes that young people who grew up reading Harry Potter will pass  the books on to the next generation.

For the main actors of the Potter films - Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint – stardom has come faster than normal. Their feelings are mixed. Daniel Radcliff is relieved  that the series is over, whereas Emma Watson describes her feelings as bittersweet .

Not everyone sees Harry Potter in a positive light. Some critics say that the later books and films have become increasingly darker and more  evil .

Nevertheless , even though the Harry Potter story has come to a close,  Pottermania  lives on. Magic wands , Potter clothes and other Hogwarts items  are sold at a value  of millions of dollars every year. In Orlando, Florida a new wizardry theme park  opened in 2010.


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  • achieve   = reach , do
  • adult   = a grown up person, not a child
  • attention   = interest
  • author   = a person who writes books
  • billion   = a thousand million
  • bittersweet   = happy and sad at the same time
  • box office   =  the place where tickets are sold
  • capture   = get
  • combine   = bring together
  • copy   = here: a single book
  • critic   = someone whose job it is to read books and say if they are good or bad
  • defeat   = win over
  • evil   = bad
  • hardly   = very difficult, nor easy
  • increasingly   = more and more
  • insight   = an better understanding of something or someone
  • item   = object
  • likeable   =nice, easy to like
  • magic wand   = stick used by a wizard
  • manuscript   = the story of a book before it is published
  • mixture   = combination
  • nevertheless   = all the same
  • pass on   = give on to
  • premiere   = first performance of a film or play
  • publish   = to give the public information
  • publisher   = a company that prints a book
  • release   = make public
  • relieve   = to feel happy  or no longer worried about something
  • series   = a group of books about the same topic
  • stardom   = being a star
  • success   = victory
  • task   = thing to do, job
  • theme p ark = a place where you can have fun ; it is about one subject
  • value   = how much something is worth
  • whereas   = but
  • witchcraft   = the use of magical powers to make things happen
  • wizard   = a person who has magic powers
  • youngster   = young person