Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris


The American rock band Eagles of Death Metal have returned to Paris only three months after terrorist attacks killed 89 fans at the Bataclan theatre. Security was very tight as soldiers and Paris policemen protected the venue. 30 psychologists were also there in case visitors could not cope with their emotions.

The band gave an emotional concert at the Olympia concert hall  in front of a full houseincluding  900 survivors of the November attack. The Bataclan is still closed for the rest of the year. Some of victims of the attack  had tears in their eyes while they relived the tragic evening. Many in the audience carried white roses.

During the first song there was 89 seconds of silence in  memory of the victims who were killed on November 13, 2015 when Islamic terrorists carried out several attacks throughout Paris that left a total of 130 people dead and many injured.


Band leader Jesse Hughs said that Eagles of Death Metal were prepared for the event . He hoped that it would be a therapy for band members and spectators alike. After the concert he said that all the band members were very emotional when they performed on stage.


Eagles of Death Metal

Eagles of Death Metal




  • alike = as well as
  • attack = act of violence in which someone wants to hurt or kill you
  • audience = group of people watching or listening to a performance
  • cope with = handle, deal with
  • emotions = feelings
  • full house = there  was a visitor in every seat
  • including = also
  • injured =hurt
  • prepared = ready
  • psychologist = someone who studies the mind and the way we behave in certain situations
  • relive = to remember the events very clearly and think about them again
  • security = protecting people or a building from an attack or another kind of danger
  • several = here: a few
  • silence = time when it is completely quiet
  • spectator = person who watches an event in a stadium or large hall
  • survivor = here: person who was not killed in the attack
  • tight = here: very much
  • throughout = all across
  • venue = place where the concert was held
  • victim = here: someone who has been hurt or killed in the attacks or a person who was there when it happened