Microsoft Starts Minecraft For Schools


Minecraft, a video game with which you can build virtual worlds, will be expanded to classroom use. Microsoft bought the game from its Swedish creator for 2.5 billion dollars. Now, the software wants to offer schools a special educational version.

MinecraftEdu is an add-on to the game, that was specially created by teachers  for classroom use.  While thousands of classes around the world are already using Minecraft in their lessons, Microsoft wants to make it easier for schools to use the software.

Minecraft is a game that can be used in many subjects, including maths, science and geography. Microsoft wants to add new features to the educational version , for example letting students take snapshots and putting them into an online diary. The new version will allow children to download the game at home without having to pay extra for it. Microsoft is expected to charge students and teachers about 5 dollars a year to use the game in school and at home.

According to Microsoft , Minecraft has 100 million players around the world. It has become one of the best-selling games of all times. Pupils can create their own virtual worlds with the help of special building blocks. Experts say that Minecraft helps stimulate  the imagination of children in the classroom. In addition, teachers around the world create new content and share them with others, so that the Minecraft community keeps growing.



Microsoft plans to make the game available to pupils and students of all ages, from elementary school through to colleges. The company plans to add Minecraft to an Office 365 account, so that it can also sell more of its Office software.  Teachers can enrol in courses to learn the game.


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  • according to = as said by ...
  • account = here: to be able to use the software officially  for a certain time
  • add = put into
  • add-on = an extra part of a software that you often have to pay for
  • available = to be sold or offered
  • best-selling = here:  a very popular game that many people around the world play
  • billion = a thousand million
  • charge = to ask for money in order to use something
  • community = people who play the game around the world
  • content = here: new worlds, maps and building blocks
  • create = make, produce
  • elementary = the first few year's in a child's education
  • enrol = take part in
  • expand = grow, to become larger
  • expect = think that something will be done
  • feature = element or building block
  • imagination = being able to form pictures and ideas in your mind
  • in addition = also
  • offer = here: sell
  • snapshot = screenshot of a computer screen
  • stimulate = to make a person excited about something
  • use = using something
  • virtual = not real