More Chinese Students Coming to Study in the US


recent report published by an American education institute shows that more and more foreign students are coming to the US. Colleges and universities recorded over 700,000 students from abroad, a rise of 3% from the previous year. This is mainly because more and more students from China are coming to the US.

Of the 400,000 Chinese students that study abroad it sent 127,000 to the US this year, an increase of 30%. The Communist country overtook India as number one, while South Korea comes in third. More and more Chinese middle class families can afford sending their sons and daughters to study abroad. International education prepares them to become leaders and top managers in their own country. When it comes to getting a good job those who can show foreign qualifications are better off.

The most popular university in America is the University of South California in Los Angeles. Almost 8,000 foreign students study there. Engineering and business management are among the most popular studies that foreign students enrol in.

The report also states that more and more young people are coming to American high schools and colleges.

All in all, there are fewer students entering the US from other countries. The report says that this might be because of the global recession and the international financial crisis of the past few years.
Foreigners are becoming popular when it comes to staff jobs at colleges and universities. Over 110,000 scholars work as researchers, teachers or professors in higher education. There are even some who have become presidents of educational institutions.

The report shows that foreign students in America are a major economic factor. Over all, they contribute about $ 20 b to the American economy. They spend money on accommodation, books and food. Although most get the funds from their families they get scholarships from their home countries and, thus, are able to spend more abroad.



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  • abroad = from overseas (Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America)
  • accommodation = a place to eat and sleep
  • afford = to have enough money
  • all in all = all together
  • although = while
  • among = together with others
  • better off = here: to have more opportunities and chances than others
  • contribute = put in, add
  • economy = the system of producing goods in a country
  • education = teaching and learning
  • engineering = the job of planning and making roads, bridges , machines
  • enrol = to attend university or college courses
  • factor = thing, aspect
  • fewer = not as many as before
  • foreign = from another country
  • funds = money
  • global recession = a time when the economy of the whole world is in a bad situation
  • increase = to go up
  • mainly = mostly
  • major = very big
  • overtake – overtook = pass, leave behind
  • popular = well-liked
  • prepare = to make someone ready
  • publish = bring out
  • recent = a short time ago
  • record = to write down information
  • rise = to go up
  • scholar = an intelligent person with a good education
  • scholarship = the money you get from a school or university that helps pay for your education
  • staff = the people who work for an organization
  • state = to say officially
  • thus = that is why