The Vietnam War - Fill in the gaps with the right word.

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   advisers      agreement      army      attacked      battle      colonial      Communism     declared      effect      firepower      influence      lasting      opinion      policy      protests      psychological      resistance      routes      single      soldiers     trail      world   


Before World War II France was the power of most of Indochina. After the Communists started gaining more and more they wanted to defeat the French and throw them out of the country. After they had lost the important at Dien Bien Phu , North Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh the Communist North independent.

In the 1960s Americans started sending military to Vietnam. After John F. Kennedy's death in 1963 Lyndon B.Johnson sent more and more soldiers to southeast Asia. They met , not only by North Vietnamese soldiers but also by a rebel group called the Viet Cong.The Americans had modern weapons and more than the North, but the Communists new the land better and often the Americans by surprise. The North Vietnamese slowly moved to the south, sometimes through Cambodia and Laos. The Amercians bombed supply in the South and along the Ho Chi Minh .

As the war continued American towards the war started to change. At first many Americans were in favour of stopping Communism, then when they saw images of dead American soldiers on TV, the mood changed. Anti-war spread throughout the country.


Towards the end of 60s the Americans saw that they could not win the war and started to bring home their soldiers. changed from fighting on the ground to bombing North Vietnamese cities. A peace , signed by all parties in 1973, had no on the war. North Vietnamese soldiers kept on pushing to the south and with less help from the Americans, South Vietnam's became weaker and weaker.

In April 1975 Communist soldiers entered Saigon and took over the city. The last Americans left the country. A year later North and South Vietnam became a country.

The war in Vietnam had a effect on America. Soldiers suffered from problems and had a hard time leading a normal life again. It also changed the way the looked at America.