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   antibodies      attack      bacteria      developed      flu      hepatitis      immunity      infants      injected      protection      smallpox      survive      tropical      vaccination      weak   

Vaccines are forms of viruses or that help produce antibodies and can save millions of lives around the world. When you get a vaccine your body can become much more immune and fight off killer diseases when they . Many illnesses, like and polio, have nearly disappeared because of vaccines.

Most vaccines are into your body, but some are inhaled or taken by mouth. Although many vaccines give you for your whole life there are some that you must get more often. Flu vaccines, for example are given to people every year because viruses can change very often.

When babies are born they have that are passed on to them by their mothers. However, this does not last very long so that babies and must get a number of vaccines at an early age.

Sometimes you must get a when you travel to a country in which a disease is very common. Vaccines protect you from diseases like yellow fever and .

Although getting vaccines is a normal process in nations, the World Health Organisation is still spending a lot of money to get vaccines to people in the Third World. Especially children in these areas do not get the medicine they need to .