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Igneous rock is hot , molten rock that comes up from the inner part of the Earth. It comes to the surface in or cracks and sometimes erupts in volcanoes. is a volcanic rock that is dark , while is grey or white and crystallizes slowly below the earth's surface.

Sedimentary rock forms when breaks larger rocks into smaller pieces. This material is transported to other places by water, glaciers or wind. Then it is deposited in beds or on ocean floors. material produced by dead animals and plants have turned into fossil fuels over millions of years. Sandstone and are two well-known sedimentary rocks. They are used for building sculptures, statues and monuments.

Metamorphic rock forms when rock changes its form and structure under the influence of heat and . Sediments , for example , sink into the deeper layers of the Earth's crust, their crystal structure is changed. Limestone , for example, turns into marble and sandstone turns into .