India's Population Problems - Fill in the blanks

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India is the second most country in the world, with almost 1.3 billion people. By 2050 it is expected to China, as the country's population is still quickly. While China's one child has shown results, India has not succeeded with its planning methods. In the 1980's the government tried to force Indian to undergo sterilisations.

Today , as more and more Indian women are receiving and contraceptives are offered in many areas, there are that India is not growing at such a high rate any more. But especially in the areas of India, there are still too many babies being born. Every family wants a boy, who will then for the older members of the family.

70% of all Indians live in the countryside. This leads to problems because people cannot find enough work. They leave their home towns and move to the big cities, like New Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta. There they live in , often without clean water and .