Turkey and the European Union - Fill in the blanks

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   benefit      businesses      claim      community      human      independent      market      membership      military      official      oppressive      population      powerful      problems      recognise      several      stable      tasks   

One of the biggest that the European Union faces is how to deal with Turkey. In the 1960s Turkey, which lies partly in Europe, started cooperating with the European Economic Community. In 2005 talks between the EU and Turkey began.

Many European countries are divided on full Turkish . Some claim that it belongs to Asia more than it does to Europe. Others think that a country with almost 80 million people will be too in the Union. Financial experts that Turkey is much poorer than many EU countries and that a lot of the EU's money will pour into the country.

On the other side many Europeans think that the EU will from Turkey's membership. The country is one of the factors in the Middle East and as a NATO member it could give Europe more power. One of the main factors, however, is an economic one. A young new would open up to European .

There are problems that stand in the way of full Turkish membership. Cyprus is against Turkey becoming a full member as long as Turkey does not the divided country as an nation. Secondly, Turkey is towards the country's Kurds, who make up 20% of the population. The EU has also stated that Turkey cannot become a full EU Member state as long as it does not respect rights.