Africa - Names and Places

Gap-fill exercise


Complete the sentences with the correct name or place !

  1. The desert covers a third of the African continent. It reaches from the Atlantic Ocean to the .
  2. The is a series of cracks between two plates of the Earth.
  3. The River begins near the equator and winds its way northward towards the .
  4. One of the largest tribal groups in Africa are the .
  5. The Kalahari desert covers much of Namibia and .
  6. Mount is the highest peak in Africa, located near the equator.
  7. The Zone lies between the Sahara and tropical Africa.
  8. The had already been living in northern Africa when the Arabs came.
  9. are native Christians who live in Egypt.
  10. A civil war was fought in because of diamonds.
  11. Bauxite and phosphates are the major mining products in .
  12. Thousands of years ago was a powerful empire to the south of ancient Egypt.