Californians make energy from food leftovers


In a district of San Francisco a utility company is turning the leftovers of food into energy that the public can use. The waste is collected from grocery stores, restaurants and private houses. The company provides renewable energy for 25,000 people





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  • benefit = good side
  • compost = to make leaves, flowers, food scraps into earth for the garden
  • decompose = to make into smaller parts
  • food scrap = the leftovers of a meal
  • garbage = waste
  • generate = make
  • grocery store = shop where you can get food and other things you need every day.
  • landfill = a place where waste is buried under the ground
  • leftover = food that you leave over after the end of a meal
  • local businesses = companies around the neighbourhood
  • methane = a gas that you cannot see or smell but can be burned to give heat
  • municipal = city
  • require = you have to do something
  • resident = a person who lives in a city or town
  • shortage = not enough
  • utility district = an area that produces gas or electricity for the people to use
  • utilize =to make use of