Climate Change Produces Yearlong Drought in Kenya


Rising temperatures and droughts have forced thousands of people to flee from their homes in Kenya. After nine years of drought rivers have dried out and farmers produce enough crops to survive. Hundreds of thousands of cows, goats and other animals have died from hunger and thirst.





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  • aftermath = result, outcome
  • bare = here: with no plants or trees
  • crop = plants that farmers grow to produce food
  • desperate = to really want something
  • disaster = tragedy, catastrophe
  • drought = a long period of very dry weather with little or ne rain
  • emergency food aid = fast help that people need to get food
  • environmental refugee = a person who has to leave his home because nature is changing and they cannot get the food they need to survive
  • famine = a situation in which people do not have enough to eat
  • grain = the seeds of wheat, corn, rice etc.. that are used as food
  • grave = a place in the ground where a dead person is buried
  • herdsman = man or woman who looks after or cares for animals
  • horrific = terrible
  • local = here: a person who lives in the area
  • pray = to say words to god
  • rifle = a long gun that you hold up to your shoulder and shoot
  • river bed = the bottom of a river
  • seek = look for
  • soil = the top layer of the earth
  • spear = a large stick with a pointed end; used for killing animals
  • spring = a place where water comes up from the ground
  • support = help
  • tap = an instrument that controls the water that comes out of a place
  • threat = danger
  • torrent = a lot of water that moves very quickly in one direction
  • tribesman = a man who is member of a large family or group of people especially in Africa
  • trigger = cause