The Twilight Saga - Stephanie Meyer's Great Vampire Bestseller


Twilight is a series of fantasy novels written by the American author Stephanie Meyer. The books have become well-known throughout the world and even led to the production of movies. They have been on the world’s bestseller lists for many years.



Bella Swan, a beautiful young teenager moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. There she falls in love with Edward Cullen, a handsome boy. As time goes on she finds out that Edward is a member of a vampire family that drinks blood. James, a vampire from another family tries to kill her but Edward comes to her rescue.

In The New Moon Bella becomes a friend with the werewolf Jacob, who protects her from Victoria, James’ friend and another vampire that wants to kill Bella. When Edward believes that Bella is dead he wants to commit suicide in Italy but Bella manages to stop him.  In the hands of a powerful vampire family, they are set free only if Bella agrees to become a vampire.

Eclipse is the third part of the Twilight saga.  Victoria puts together an army of vampires to fight against the Cullen family and kill Bella. Bella has to decide between Edward and her friendship with James the werewolf. In the end Bella chooses Edward and agrees to marry him.

In the fourth part Bella is pregnant. She nearly dies while giving birth to her daughter, who is half vampire and half human.  Edward injects vampire venom into her which turns her into a vampire and rescues her. A quarrel breaks out between the Cullen and Volturi family who think that the Bella’s daughter is an immortal child. They can be convinced that Bella’s daughter is not a threat to the family.

There are a few main topics in Stephanie Meyers’ book. Although the reader feels that a real love between Bell and Edward is not possible the couple is more and more drawn towards each other. It centers on love, not death. The book is also about escape. When Bella learns that she can become immortal too she really wants to get away from her mortal world.





  • agree = to say yes
  • although = while
  • commit suicide = to kill yourself
  • convince = to make a person feel that something is true
  • couple = two people who are having a love relationship
  • drawn towards = to move to each other
  • handsome = very nice and good-looking
  • human = here: half a person
  • immortal = to live on forever
  • manage = to somehow be able to do something
  • novel = a long story in which characters and events are not real
  • pregnant = to expect a baby
  • protect = guard , defend
  • quarrel = argument
  • rescue = save
  • saga = a long story with many parts
  • series = elements that belong to the same group
  • set free = to be free
  • threat = danger
  • throughout = in all of
  • topic = subjects, themes
  • venom = a liquid poison
  • werewolf = a person who changes into a wolf every month when the moon is full