The Vatican Museum - Choose the correct words

Gap-fill exercise

Valuable works of art, for example, paintings and sculptures have been at the Vatican Museums for many . Some of them are over thousands of years old. They back to the culture of Egypt which can be observed in a separate Egyptian Museum within the Vatican. One of the most works of art is a statue of Ramses II on his throne.

Another part of the Vatican Museums shows how people of Central and Northern Italy lived and made everyday objects out of . Yet another room is full of sculptures from ancient Greece and Rome. One shows a scene from the Battle of Troy.

The most famous room of the museums is without doubt the Sistine Chapel, the Pope's church. It was built in the 15th century by Michelangelo. The of the chapel is probably the most extraordinary work of art every made by man. It shows from the Bible in over fifty separate paintings. The Sistine Chapel is where get together to a new pope.