Building a House - Fill in the gaps

Gap-fill exercise

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house-construction.gifThere is a lot of to do before you build a house. First you must buy land and then draw a plan of the house. It should show you where the doors and windows are, how big the rooms are and where to install the and electrical . Most of the time you need a to start building the house.

Construction workers start with the . They pour into frames that reach into the ground. This keeps the house from moving during the . Not all houses have basements. In wet regions they are often built on . Workers put beams into the foundation to support the walls. When the outside frame is finished walls are put in. Finally the is built and covered with material that is typical of the region you live in.

After the outside work is finished work in the house begins. Windows and doors have to be inserted. Pipes and wires must be installed by plumbers and . New houses must be to save energy costs. In some regions houses have that is turned on during the hot summer months. Finally the walls are painted and the rooms are .